Veterans Party of America


     The Veterans Party of America has been formed to provide a viable choice for the American people. It is our goal to place solution oriented leadership into public offices around the nation at all levels of government. We are not far left or far right, but rather, we are a centrist organization dedicated to solving problems. We are moderate and inclusive. Our strength are the U.S. Veterans, their families, their friends, and our fellow citizens.


     It is our view that the current state of our political system has drifted away from the ideals our nation was founded upon. “Promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity,” is in the first paragraph of our Constitution. That statement serves to remind us, and our leadership, as to why this great nation was created. As leaders, our elected officials must own the problems of the office they gain from the moment they are elected. We expect and demand solutions, not excuses, from our elected leaders. They are to be held accountable for the problems they willingly inherit, or create, until the issue is resolved in accordance with, and under, the parameters set forth in the Constitution.


     The Veterans Party of America’s Platform will only deal with problems that can be handled by either creating or repealing legislation. Apolitical issues will not be addressed by the Veterans Party of America’s platform planks. Legislation of social issues, such as, abortion and gay rights, are unconstitutional.  They are not up for debate and guaranteed to all citizens, by the Constitution. These issues have been created to divide voters as these cannot be legislated. This platform is a living document and will be reviewed in accordance with the Party’s Constitution and By Laws in order to meet the ever changing Political Landscape of today’s world.


I. Constitution: The Constitution of The United States of America is, “The Law of the land” read more, click here


II. Separation of Church and State: The Veterans Party of America recognizes that there is no read more, click here


III. Job Creation: America is in a major economic read more, click here


IV. Border Security: Before Immigration and National Security can be brought into read more, click here


V. National Defense and Security: The security and safety of our country and people is the highest read more, click here


VI. Immigration: Our nation has found itself in a quagmire with illegal read more, click here


VII. Education: The education of our youth is critical to our future as a read more, click here


VIII. Foreign Policy: American policies should not stretch to read more, click here


IX. Foreign Aid: While it is in the best interest of the United States of America to read more, click here


X. Balanced Budget: The spending by the government must be reined read more, click here


XI. Earned Benefits: The men and women who read more, click here


XII. Tax Reform: The current tax system is not fair. read more, click here


XIII. Welfare Reform: A comprehensive overhaul of the welfare read more, click here


XIV. Election Reform: State election laws should be equitable, read more, click here


XV. Congressional Pay and Benefits: We believe that the pay and benefits read more, click here


XVI. Term Limits: As the states elect their Representatives and read more, click here


XVII. Resource Sustainability: As a matter of basic survival and national read more, click here


XVIII. Corporate Subsidies: Large, multi-state corporations should read more, click here


XIX. Unions: Skilled trade unions, that provide an apprenticeship read more, click here