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Welcome to the Veterans Party of Florida

First and foremost I would like to welcome everyone to the page for the Veterans Party of Florida.
This party began after a discussion board post on Facebook between U.S. Army veterans shortly after the House of Representatives and United States Senate chose to strip benefits from our military retirees and wounded warriors.
Little did we know how fast we would grow. From the time of our inception we were not expecting the response we have received and continue to receive. Within a one month time period, our national Facebook page (Veterans Party of America) grew from 0 likes on December 20, 2013 to more than 61,000 likes.
Currently we have activated chapters in 47 states, as well as a chapter in the District of Columbia. At the National level, paperwork has been filed with the IRS to attain 527 status as a non profit political party. Here at the state level we have submitted the same paperwork with the IRS, and are currently awaiting final approval.
Also at our level we are gathering the required documents in order to attain formal recognition as a Minor Political Party, which will allow us to be placed on ballots throughout the state. The Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary / Treasurer will be the first to officially change party affiliations from our current party’s over to the Veterans’ Party of Florida as part of the submission packet that will be submitted to the Florida Secretary of State’s office.
Once recognition has been attained by the Secretary of State’s office, they will then provide notification statewide to the individual county Elections offices that we are indeed a recognized party and voter registration changes can commence.
Stay tuned for further updates, and please continue to spread the word that there IS an alternative to the current 2 party system operating in Washington, DC right now.
Thank you,
Dennis J. Shannon
Veterans Party of Florida

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