A Momentous Day for the Veterans Party of America

Veterans Party of America,

April 10, 2014, is a day the Veterans Party of America will remember forever. Effective at 9:00 am, Pacific Time, we were authorized to register voters for the Veterans Party of California, in order to reach Qualified Party status for the 2016 Primaries. California requires 105,000 Registered Voters to reach that status. The VPCA is aiming for 500,000 to become the Third Largest Party in California, by December of this year.

We achieved this in only 112 days from founding. We are YEARS ahead of where a new party should be, in modern American politics.As of today, we have taken that first giant leap forward. Once we have Qualified Party status in California, we will be authorized to run a Presidential Candidate in 2016. We WILL have a Presidential Candidate. The final hurdle (registering voters in California) is now in sight. California, or any other state which gains Recognized/Qualified Status, will allow us to use the reciprocal ballot laws to have our candidate on every state ballot. This will also move many states straight to Recognized Party status.

We already have a candidate for Governor in Minnesota, for 2014. Later this week, we will announce a candidate for Congress in California, for 2014. We have candidates for local races lining up across the United States, for 2014. The Veterans Party of California also has a plan to take dozens of local offices in 2014.

This also means we will now accept Membership for 2015 (2014 is free) for anyone wishing to become an active member, or a loyal party member, of the National Veterans’ Party of America. This is NOT required. Only the National Executive Committee, State Chairs, and Federal Candidates are required, under the Veterans Party of America, to be paid party members. We will send out Membership Cards to all 2015 Veterans Party Members.

States and Counties still need leaders at many levels. If you are a Leader, we need you. Contact your state page, or email from the state link on our website. If you are interested, No Political Experience Preferred!!! Delaware is primed for success this year, but requires leaders to make that happen. If you are a Delaware voter, and leader, your assistance is desperately needed to round out the VPDE State Party so we can stop a potentially unopposed incumbent Senator. We have it from a good source that the Republican challenger is not going to file nomination papers, and the Democratic Party has not offered any challengers to the Primaries in September.

If you are a California Voter, please contact the State Page, or your County Page, to request a California Voter Registration Form, or register online (http://registertovote.ca.gov/) and fill in VETERANS PARTY OF AMERICA on the line next to the word OTHER on Party Affiliation. (As of Jan 31st, 2016, the VPA failed to reach the required number of registered voters in the State. With only a handful of volunteers, we fell short. We will start the process again after the 2016 election, inaccordance with State law).

On behalf of the Veterans Party of America, the Executive Committee, Central Committee, and State Leaders, I would like to personally thank you for your efforts in assisting us to reach this point, and for believing in us. Congratulations to each and every one of you, we reached this monumental occasion as a team, and I am very proud to be a part of this team.

Again, Thank you. TEAM VPA!!!

Mark Wilder

National Chair

Veterans Party of America