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Political Parties

We are a political party, not a government entity, and the election is over. The next time we have any input is the next election. In the meantime, if any one of our posters here on Facebook want to know the stance that the VPA has on various current events – please feel free to peruse our permanent documents at veteranspartyofamerica.org/founding…

We are not in the business of second guessing anyone. We should be up to speed on all aspects of the situation and how other areas would be affected. Iran is among North Korea’s allies, so, what would be the global impact of any action against North Korea? Our Pacific allies stand unanimously beside us. Everyone, including the U.S. and China, have agreed nothing will happen UNLESS North Korea acts directly against the U.S. or any other Pacific country. The Korean War was technically a United Nations police action legally initiated by the U.N. As a member of the United Nations, we took the role of leading the effort in the Korean War. An armistice was signed in 1953 and remains in effect today.

Now we have an immature, playground bully leading North Korea, playing in an adult world with extremely dangerous toys at his disposal. He still must be addressed and respected as an adult, taken seriously, and spoken to in a way he can understand clearly. If he acts recklessly, our options are: allow him to kill innocent people with no response; or, despite the loss of life that would undoubtedly result in a response to his aggression, eliminate him and North Korea’s military capability to the fullest extent possible to eliminate any further aggression.

If China and Russia agree to prevent Iran from coming to North Korea’s aid, that would assure the world that radical terrorist activity in the Middle East will not happen as a result of any retaliation against North Korean aggression. The U.S. and allied forces would then have the option of defeating North Korea’s electronic weapon systems, and surgically eliminating the leader of North Korea and his military capabilities. In the aftermath, in a joint effort with both Russian and Chinese inspection teams, remove any trace of nuclear material and weapons.

Of course, this is purely conjecture based on the slim chance that there will be any aggression from North Korea in the first place.

Since this post was prepared North Korea has categorically decided to stand down with a classic display of bluster and irrelevant verbiage. Any such effort at this time can not recover their embarrassment and humiliation. This display of diplomacy and direct talk (regardless of any of our personal feelings) will carry significant impact in other important regions of international interest.

Thanks for your continued support of our efforts.

Don Johnson, Chairman

National Chair Veterans Party
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  1. Very well thought out. We have tried placating the bully for decades. Although it is scary we have to continue calling his bluff.

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