The Veterans Party of America was formed when Congress chose to balance the budget by reducing the cost of living allowance for military retirees, including those medically retired after sustaining injuries during combat with the enemy. The founders started the National Party and their respective states of California and Florida. It was expected that a couple hundred people would be interested at the end of the first month.

Less than two years later, with over 42,000 people on our National Party Facebook page, we have passed the Facebook following of all other American political parties, only trailing the Green Party, the Libertarian party, the Democrats, and the Republicans. All of the parties ahead of us have been in existence for no less than 30 years. We recognize that Facebook is only an indicator, not an accurate reflection of any accomplishments, but it is a valid indicator of potential growth and the need for a Constitutional political party.

We currently have activated a state party in all 50 states, which is a leadership indicator. There are parties in existence for over 23 years which have still not activated a party in every state. Perhaps that leadership is due to none of our party leadership being career politicos, but rather everyday citizens.

Team VPA is currently registering voters in Alaska, California, and Delaware to gain full recognized party status. We are on the verge of reaching recognized status in those states. To be fully recognized, as an equal political party in those states, we only require approximately 7,000 more voters to register in Alaska, 600 more in Delaware, and only around 50,000 more in California. We have achieved full recognized party status, and registering voters in Mississippi. The Veterans Party of America is now authorized to run candidates in Indiana and Montana.

In our very first year, 2014, we ran a dozen candidates in 5 states, winning one seat and our strategy is to run a thousand candidates across the nation in 2016, focusing on unopposed races. The Veterans Party of America nominated Chris Keniston as our Presidential candidate, who then asked the runner up to be his running mate, Deacon Taylor. Deacon is conducting the first known Presidential Team campaign by motorcycle.

Our Party Platform has been developed from input by our team members, based on the belief that there is not a problem without a Constitutional, viable, fiscally responsible solution.

There is not a requirement to have served in the military, or have any affiliation with the military or any facilities, to become a member of the Veterans’ Party of America.

We have chosen the American Bald Eagle, as well as the color purple to represent our party. The color purple was chosen to honor those Americans who sacrificed and were wounded on the field of battle. The images of Rosie the Riveter and Uncle Sam are displayed in our logo to symbolize both the hard working and patriotic Americans, upon whose backs our nation was built and protected.