Candidates 2014

The Veterans Party of America never imagined we would have any candidates for 2014, having just formed in December of 2013. Little did we know that this party’s growth would be so astronomical in its infancy. We began this election season with six candidates. This is where we need your help.

In order to have candidates, we need citizens willing to serve. If you know of someone considering a run for office, have them reach out to us. If you’ve ever worked with a candidate, we need your help on our candidate team. If you are a voter, we need you to register to vote and actually vote.

In the California Primary, only the two candidates with the highest votes, regardless of party affiliation, could move forward to the November General Election. Two horrible things happened in the California Primary. First, over two dozen legislators ran completely unopposed. That meant instant wins and no requirement to run in November. Of those, two were seats in the US House of Representatives. One of the two was Congressman Kevin McCarthy (R-CA 23rd District), now House Majority Leader-elect. If we only had a write in candidate, he would not have been chosen for the Majority Leader and would be busy preparing for an election. Not only did a lack of candidates hurt, but voter apathy was rampant. That is the second thing that occurred. Only 17% of all registered voters in the most populated state cast their ballots, and only 11% of the total state population.

Now for the great news. In Maine, we have a candidate for each of the Congressional Districts. This means the Veterans Party of America has the opportunity to attain both of Maine’s two seats in the US House of Representatives. Both candidates are fully willing to be held accountable by the voters and the party.

In District 1, Richard Murphy wants to do nothing more than to volunteer to serve again, this time in a new capacity. Still defending America, still defending and upholding the US Constitution, but this time giving those around him and those like him a voice that they don’t have. Volunteering to be a Public Servant, not a Politician. He is volunteering to represent common sense, reality and average Americans. The Politicians and the millionaires do not, and cannot represent what they do not know, have never lived, and do not understand. Richard will represent the die-hard, non-compromising, survival of the fittest mentality that is missing from the gutless politicians who are afraid to make the hard decisions that are needed during these times to get America back on track.

In District 2, Blaine Richardson believes that prosperity can once again return to the second district of Maine. The way it returns is thru a strong economy that is built upon economic freedom.  Economic freedom empowers the job creators, small business owners, and entrepreneurs of Maine to flourish and in return Maine families and local communities will be strengthened. The reason Blaine Richardson is running for Congress is very simple, when he enlisted in the United States Navy he took an oath to uphold and defend the United States Constitution and today Blaine believes the Constitution is under attack like never before.

In the Governor’s race for Minnesota, we have a candidate for both Governor and Lieutenant Governor. For Governor, Merrill Anderson been on scene long enough to remember when Minnesota kept up its infrastructure and planned well for needed expansions. He remembers a Minnesota which had its streets and highways plowed curb to curb every winter and where the potholes were patched each spring as well as roads being repaved as required. Minnesota wasn’t sending so much money to Washington then and standing hat in hand begging for bits and pieces to come back. Merrill’s major reason for running is to try, in the State of Minnesota at least, to break the stranglehold that machine politics have had on the majority of “cities of the first class” across the country, to all our disadvantage and for far too long. Controlling the vote in those population centers often propels candidates into statewide Constitutional offices who are unwilling or unable to understand the interests and needs of citizens who live and work beyond the urban borders.

The candidate for Lieutenant Governor came to the Veterans Party of America asking questions, not seeking our endorsement. Mark Anderson genuinely wanted to know how the Governor’s office could aid Veterans, and what specific things are important to Veterans. A Veteran himself, he is wise enough to know we all have had different experiences after leaving service and wants to help all Veterans, as well as all residents of the State of Minnesota. Mark sees that progress made to benefit Veterans can be transformed to help everyone in the state. During the question and answers, the Chair of the Veterans Party of America realized the deep dedication Mark Anderson has to the residents of his state and that his concern are genuine, not campaign oriented. Mark Anderson was very happy to accept the endorsement of the Veterans Party of America.

Please visit our CANDIDATES tab to keep up to date on our candidates. They need your support. No matter where you live, you can contact the media in Maine or Minnesota to push for their coverage of our candidates. You can message Veterans organizations in both states. You can post and share them on Social Media. Lastly, if you can spare anything, even just $5, it will go a long way in helping their campaign.