Electoral College Outdated?

electoral-collegeIs the Electoral College that is written into the US Constitution broken for modern times? One could say that it is not, but just needs to be more representative of the people.
National Popular vote, unfortunately you have by-passed the US Constitution and the reason for the Electoral Collage of giving small state and large states equal representation in the US Congress and voting for President. Under any national popular vote plan the candidates for President would just travel to the top ten most populated cities and the rest of the nation would be left out, making America more divided that it presently is, and giving more control to the two party system.

The solution is to use the Electoral College, and Congressional Districts be awarded electoral votes proportionally like in Maine and Nebraska. If the number is odd for the state then that single elector would be at large for the overall popular vote for the state. Electoral redistricting would be completed by a mixture of the state legislature to include representation from established third parties in the state to prevent gerrymandering. Washington DC will not receive three electoral votes but rather only the electoral votes based on population, since they are not a State, and do not have US Senators. Why does Washington DC have more power in their vote for President than States like Montana, Wyoming and North Dakota?

Finally all the US Territories will receive representation by population to include Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands, Guam, Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas and American Samoa. Why can an American vote from any where on the planet, or even from the US Space Station but they can not vote for President from the US Territories? Territories are not a State so they will not get the two US Senate electors, but they would receive the US Representative electors based on the US Census, with not less than one elector per territory.

Scott Marbut
Veterans Party of America
National Secretary

About Scott Marbut

Scott MarbutScott was born in Missoula, Montana in 1965. Scott graduated from Flathead High School in Kalispell, Montana in 1985. Scott joined the military in Butte, Montana in 1984 on the delayed entry program. Scott's first unit was US Army Reserves, as a Water Purification Specialist in Kalispell, Montana. Scott attended University of Montana 1985-1986. Scott joined the active duty Army in 1986. Scott is currently working his Masters in Education. Scott is a 5th generation Montanan, and had traveled around the state prior to joining the military. Scott's Grandfather was a Montana State Senator and ran for Montana Lieutenant Governor in 1968. Scott's Father has worked in the Montana Legislature for nearly 20 years. Scott just retired from the US Army in 2011 after 26 years. Scott's last 20 year's in the Army were in Special Forces (Green Beret's). Scott is an OEF, and OIF Veteran and has spent 36 months in combat. Scott is married and has 4 children. Scott is passionate about preserving States Rights over Federal intervention. Scott's Grandfather stated that your rights end when your fist touches the end of his nose. Your liberty is to do what you will until it impacts another citizen. Our country's liberties have eroded, and the US Military has taken the brunt of the attacks. Scott wants to preserve freedom so his children and his grandchildren can enjoy Montana, the way he did as a child. The preservation of personal liberty is best preserved at the most local government, as this gives the voter easy access to responsible government.

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  1. This nation was saved by the Electoral College in last year’s presidential election. Hillary Clinton probably would have won by popular vote, although I feel in my gut she had a massive amount of illegal votes. Obama & Jerry Brown of Calfornia fame encouraged illegals to vote with assurances they would not be prosecuted for doing so. Her incompetence would have finished Obama’s job and brought this country to its knees. That was the clear intention of the Democrat Party and the reason they are still in total denial. In short, tweek the College if it must be modernized, but i do not trust ANY of our politicians to get their little monkey hands involved with that. A committee of solid Constitutional scholars and esteemed thinkers need to do this job. Anything our politicias touch turns to instant crap.

    • Mr. Edington, you are correct, sir, that the Electoral College worked in the last election, precisely as it was designed to work. I won’t comment on your obviously strong feelings regarding the two candidates. Since this is the Veterans Party of America page and I am a proud card-carrying member of the VPA, I didn’t care much for either candidate, including the one who won the election.
      I will speak to your “…tweek [sic] the College…” opinion:
      Yes, sir, I agree that “…a committee of solid Constitutional scholars and esteemed thinkers need to do this job.” That was extremely well put, sir. Extremely well put.
      Since altering the Electoral College will take an amendment, I would hope that the types of people you described would be precisely the types to be involved in that process.

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