Ever Hear Someone Say…”We Should Just Fix The (enter party name here) Party!”

So many times we hear someone say, “Just take over the Republican (or Democratic) Party and fix it from within.” This is told to candidates and to other parties.

The first question we ask is, “How do you propose to do that?”

The stock answer for candidates is win office and make the change.

Sadly, the party leaders manipulate the primary elections to ensure their desired candidate wins the nomination. These great candidates that are running for other parties have come to realize this. Most voters still believe the party candidate is truly nominated by the voter. Once in office, the party places pressure to demand loyalty in voting on legislation or bills.

In Congress, a disobedient Member of Congress will not be placed on any committees of importance, not be allowed to bring bills to the floor, and given inadequate office space many miles from the Capital Building. These become ineffective in representing the People as their party no longer allows them to function in their Constitutional capacity. The two parties exercise absolute control of their Members of Congress.

Just prior to the 2014 primary in Minnesota, the famous Downey Memo instructed Republican Party leaders to get behind the party’s endorsed candidate for governor, or resign. The memo, in email format, from Minnesota Republican Party State Chairman Keith Downey read, “Party leaders (officers, chairs, and executive committee members at all levels) agree by virtue of accepting their position to support only the endorsed candidates,” Downey wrote in a May 28 email to all congressional district officers and BPOU chairs. Party leaders who don’t back the endorsed candidate “should first resign their position unless that party unit’s constitution or bylaws provide otherwise,” Downey wrote. “After the primary, they can pursue regaining their former position in accordance with the party unit’s process.”

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In the California gubernatorial race, long time GOP state Assemblyman Tim Donnelly was favored by Republican voters. Assemblyman Donnelly was far in the lead of all Republican candidates in a Top Two State (only the two candidates receiving the highest primary votes, in an open primary, regardless of party, can be on the November ballot). The GOP refused to endorse their leading candidate. Just as the filing deadline approached, Neil Kashkari filed as a Republican candidate. Mr. Kashkari had served as the point person in the Treasury Department for President Obama administering the TARP program. Mr. Kashkari also admitted to having voted for President Obama and that he was not party loyal. The Republican Party openly, and fully endorsed Mr. Kashkari over Assemblyman Donnelly.

In the 2012 Republican Primary, Mitt Romney was endorsed by the party. In Iowa, Ron Paul led the polls. The Governor and Congressman King told delegates that a vote for Ron Paul will be a wasted vote as Romney will win in New Hampshire. After the delegates were counted from a secret location, Mr. Paul was called for third place. Until it was discovered that 8 precincts were missing. Afterwards, Ron Paul was called the winner. The Iowa state chairman resigned.

**Here is a first hand account, by our own Iowa Veterans Party of America Chairman, Casey Schotter: “I caucused for Ron Paul in Iowa in 2008 and 2012. In 2012 we ‘played by the rules’ and got delegates elected at every level. However, at each next level (county, district, State) out of nowhere rule changes and amendments came up. They (the GOP faithful controlling the Party) claimed that these amendments, etc. were put up for vote months prior (yet were never mentioned at any other meeting).

“Our amendments, articles to be voted on were dismissed or rejected (despite having a super majority vote and meeting all regulations/Robert’s Rules) At each next meeting, our delegates were dismissed, rejected or only allowed to continue after paying substantial amount of money to be the delegate. David Fischer and A.J. Spiker (both leaders for the Ron Paul campaign) were given token State GOP positions after the fiasco that Gov. Brandstad created (when he nullified our delegates at National). They have both since resigned (after the GOP told them to resign since the ‘Ron Paul fanaticism’ had died off).

“I should note that Fischer and Spiker were appointed to GOP State Chair and Vice Chair. They attempted to reform the GOP from that level but were blocked at every turn. They were then pressured into resigning so some puppets could take their seats. It is very hard to do an inside hostile take over.

“Also, in the days prior or day of (can’t remember) Gov. Brandstad said to the press that if Ron Paul won the 2012 Iowa Caucus then Iowa didn’t deserve to be ‘First in the Nation’ for a caucus.”

In Nevada, Ron Paul had a 60% lead. The recount was done in private and Mitt Romney was announced the winner. The Nevada state chairwoman resigned.

In Florida, the GOP changed the rules to a “winner takes all” at the last minute. This favored the candidate with the most money, Mitt Romney. Therefore, no votes carried forward for Ron Paul. In Minnesota, the state party instructed members not to vote for any delegates under age fifty because most young delegates support Paul.

In Maine, the GOP Chairman cancelled two pro Ron Paul counties’ primaries due to an impending storm, guaranteeing them they would be rescheduled. The primary was never rescheduled and Romney declared the winner by 200 votes, with only 84% of the precincts voting. Maine was pivotal for Ron Paul. He had now lost any chance for winning the nomination. There are over a dozen other irregularities reported in the 2012 Republican primary.

Veterans, Veterans Party of America, State of the Union, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Obama, President, Election, Election 2016, Politics, Political Party

This shows clearly that if the party leadership does not want a candidate, or does not endorse the candidate, there is little chance. The system is manipulated.