We Have A Plan

The Way Forward. We have a plan.

The Veterans Party of America has studied the success and failures of other Third Parties throughout the history of the United States. What we learned has become the basis of a strategic plan with a multi-directional approach to guarantee not only our success, but in attaining full and equal party recognition.

The first step is to garner as many candidates as possible, across as many different cities, counties, and districts as possible. The Candidate Team will analyze every candidate and have recorded which districts, in what races, he or she belongs. As we build up our candidate pool, the Candidate Team, consisting of all the Vice Chairs in the party, at every level, will follow the coming races and determine which races will either go unopposed, or without any candidates at all. We can then plug our ready to campaign candidates directly into those races.

A major failure for Third Parties is in trying to force a three way race on the ballots. As the majority of voters will either vote for the Republicans or Democrats, for their own reasons, the Third Parties rarely achieve over 3%-5% of the votes. By creating a two way race with filing for an office that was going unopposed, we now have the opportunity to gather not only name recognition and viewing of our party and platform, but also those voters which would automatically vote against the other candidate due to party affiliations. We also would tend to pick up those Independent voters and other Third Party voters that want to see a dismantling of the current duopoly. Even if just one candidate wins a seat in the US House of Representatives, that is one more than any other Third Party and gets our foot in the door.

By filing for the local offices which have no candidates filed by the cut-off date, we will be able to automatically fill those positions in an uncontested race, and be able to show the voters what a party of leaders can accomplish. Our elected officials, upon accepting their status as a VPA candidate, understand that their loyalty must lie first and foremost with the Constitution of the United States of America, then to the constituents-ALL of the constituents, not just to the ones that voted for the candidate, or donated to the campaign. The Veterans Party of America is only here to facilitate the connection between the voters and the candidates, not to effect policy and the decision making of those in office.

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Our rules for our candidates are simple. Run a clean, smear free campaign and try to remain as grassroots as possible. By not stooping to the level of the current politicians, we gain respect. By staying grassroots, we build our team up of individuals and the voters can meet our candidates in person. By supplying candidates that really care and are part of the solution, we are planning to bring back the disgruntled voters who have left the democratic election process and quit due to a lack of candidates worthy of their vote. In the last election, a full 60% of registered refused to cast a ballot. These are a majority of the voting populace.

Veterans, Veterans Party of America, State of the Union, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Obama, President, Election, Election 2016, Politics, Political Party

A major failure in Third Parties is trying to challenge the unfair state election laws both in court and with candidate filings. Court rulings simply take too long, at an exorbitant cost, then must rely on the state legislatures (comprised of the Two Party system) to rewrite the laws to follow the court order. The majority of the time, these laws are rewritten to meet the court ruling, but not create the desired outcome. Then it is back to the courts again. By following the election laws, the Third Party and Unaffiliated/Independent candidates are often met with extremely unfair and difficult rules for filing as a candidate. An example was Minnesota demanding the candidate for Governor collect 5 times the petition signatures than a Republican or Democrat candidate. In these instances, we are looking at the successful campaign waged by the Republican Party in its first decade. As the party was not yet recognized, it ran its candidates as Democrats and Whigs. These candidates swore allegiance to the Republican Party. When the time came, the Republican Party Chair made the call and all the seated Congressmen and Senators switched party affiliation while in office. The Republican Party was alive and strong. We will have our candidates file as Republicans, Democrats, or Unaffiliated if required, in order to gain ballot access. Our candidates will understand that their affiliation is subject to change when the time is right.

We still are working on the plan to overcome the requirement for the court challenges. We have the plan, it is in depth and requires much research into the election laws of every state. The details of the plan are being held close and not being revealed. Our concern is legislation being passed to block our plan. Our National Chair is attempting to build a coalition of other Third Parties to break through this barrier, using our plan. This plan has never been attempted, as far as our researchers have found.

Veterans, Veterans Party of America, State of the Union, Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Obama, President, Election, Election 2016, Politics, Political Party

What has boosted our confidence, as a party, are the independent, yet almost simultaneous creations of Veterans Parties in the United Kingdom, Australia, and Canada. As these other nations, which are quite similar to ours, feel the need for Veterans Parties, too. We know we are on the right track.

What we need is Leaders. We need people to step forward and take on leadership roles at state and county levels. This is imperative to our success. Some states even have laws that require a new party to have every county party activated (Maine) and others require new parties have a male and female co-chair in every county (Texas and Washington). If you are interested in being a leader, use the “Contact” tab to send us a message. Please include your state of voter registration. No political experience-Preferred.

We also need candidates. If you, or someone you know, has ever said, “I could do a better job,” then message the Candidate Team from the Rosie and Sam image on our “Candidates” tab.

Leaders Wanted.